At Honey Badger, we pride ourselves on offering more than just the standard Safari and Mountain climbing package.

We give our guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in genuine Tanzanian culture and encourage them to explore our surrounding community. Our activities menu below has been developed over a number of years, and offers a wide variety of options suitable for families, groups and the individual traveller.

Please contact us to hear more about our activities, which include the following:

Traditional drumming and dancing performance

A local group will entertain you with the local drumming, known as Ngoma, and for those keen to have a go, they will welcome you onto the stage to join their group.  We will explain to you the significance of the songs and dances enlightening you more on the many African cultures and traditions. From $15 per person.

An African banquet

We will serve dinner of more than twenty assorted Tanzanian dishes, which you can wash down with some local brew.  An ideal accompaniment to the traditional drumming and dancing. An experience you cannot miss! From $25 per person.

Village or Moshi forest walks

Honey Badger is based in a rural community and offers guests the opportunity to walk in and around the local villages, visiting schools, churches homes and the nearby forest. You will also have the opportunity to visit and participate in talks at the Second Chance Education Centre.  The forest walk takes you through the village and into the lush forest.  Here, you will see a wide diversity of the local flora and fauna including the largest and oldest ‘kivuli’ tree in the area.  You will also see an example of the rice paddy that Honey Badger purchased to provide food and a source of income to our local school Village walk from $15 and Forest tour from $35 per person (price includes a guide and water)

Water fall trip

The waterfalls provide a relaxing day trip, that enables you to see more of the countryside whilst also stretching your legs, and you can also swim.  For those that are interested you can also pass by and visit the local caves, the Chagga museum and meet a local blacksmith.  From $50 (price includes a guide, water, lunch and transport)

Local coffee growers’ tour

Coffee was one of Tanzania's major exports of; whilst this has lessened, coffee growing is still widespread across the region.  This trip will provide you with the opportunity to meet with local coffee growers, learn about the history whilst experiencing the process involved in making your own cup of coffee, i.e. the picking, roasting and grinding of the beans.   From $45 (price includes a guide, water and lunch)

Hair braiding

During your visit you will see the various different styles Tanzanian women model; you yourself can also experience this.  We can arrange for experts to come and plait/braid your hair whilst you sit and relax in our outdoor lounge. From $40 depending on the style and hair type

Lessons in traditional drumming and dancing

Our local groups are happy to teach some of the secrets involved in traditional dancing and drumming, helping you all to become experts. From $25 per person

Honey Badger cooking lessons

Learn to cook a variety of Tanzanian dishes including green bananas, Ugali, Wali wa nazi, Chachandu and Dikodiko. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to enjoy the meal that you have cooked in a foreign Land and share it with your colleagues. From $25 per person

Town trips

We can arrange for guided town visits.  During the trip you can visit markets, churches, shops and other points of interest.  After traipsing around town you will have worked up a hunger, the day will finish with a late lunch at a tasty spot in town. From $30 per person (price includes a guide, water, transport and lunch)

Visit our local community projects and spend time with our students

Honey Badger is proud to support various community projects.  We very much welcome you to visit these projects and spend time getting to know local people.  Many of our guests have enjoyed making beads with our local groups, learnt how to make tie and dye with our students, played with the kindergarten children and taken on the local teams in Frisbee and football.  We do not charge for this activity but very much welcome and are grateful for your kind donations and continued support to these activities.