Much can be achieved in only three weeks…

 Much can be achieved in only three weeks…

Honey Badger supports SAIDIA volunteers enabling them to improve the skills our local teachers.

Three weeks really is enough time to change lives!  A recent SAIDIA volunteer Mary (a teacher from the United States), got stuck in on day 1.  She worked closely with the teachers and for 3 weeks mentored them and showed them different ways to conduct their work.  Her main areas of focus were on the importance of lesson planning and the need to bring new techniques into the class room.  Most of the teachers were highly receptive to Mary’s suggestions and very much valued her input into their work. 

“We had been struggling in some areas of our teaching and Mary really helped to give us new ideas, We are very grateful to her for the time she spent with us, we hope some day she and her husband will come back and visit us again, Asante sana Mary and Karibu tena!”

Quote from the Second Master of the school after Mary had left

We often get asked how long should someone come to volunteer for… its always hard to say and very much depends on the person.  Three weeks is a short time, but Mary leaves a lot behind – the staff room walls are now decorated with banners describing different teaching techniques, each teacher has his or her own file that they use to organise their work and keep records of their lesson plans.  Every teacher has observation guidelines and notes and a new system of in-school peer observing has been established and endorsed by the school management.  She worked hard even down to her final day when Mary participated  in a meeting to develop a relevant and agreed upon school code of conduct which would work to ensure teachers were in class when they were supposed to be, that they were prepared and many more things.  

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