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 Honey Badger has over 14 years of hosting large groups and conducting activities that show case Tanzania and her environment, culture and people. In recent years school groups from 7 different countries have used Honey Badger as their base and have spent between one week to 21 days at the lodge. During their visits they spend time at our local community projects, sharing experiences with our students, playing with the pre-primary school pupils, building, painting, gardening, planting… the list goes on. Groups can also choose to add on a safari, a mountain climb or a whole host of local activities ranging from waterfall trips to town visits.

On the 9th of July our first rural field camp began. 18 students and two teachers, accompanied by a local guide, a cook and a waiter set up camp in a rural African village. The group will remain in camp for 6 days, during this time they will learn about rural African life; they will visit local sites in the community and meet key people in the village. During our visit yesterday we met them at the local secondary school taking part in some cultural exchange activities. Joseph, the leading teachers and the local leaders (the head of the Secondary school and the Parish priest) had a series of informal meetings to continue planning out the groups ‘giving back’ activities. We believe that these rural field camps can be mutually beneficial activities for both the local community and the visiting groups. The students, as well continuing their formal education each morning, spend afternoons interacting with the local community and then early evenings walking and exploring the environment. The plan is for them to help the local secondary school to revamp the examination room and to renovate the local kindergarten. We will keep you posted on their progress.

Our large group programmes are not only suitable for students. Any Adult groups who fancy coming along and getting involved would also be welcome. We are currently discussing this type of package with different companies who would come for a cooperate break. The trip would serve a cross purpose both as a team building exercise and as part of the company’s in question cooperate social responsibility activities. Get in touch for more information.

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