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 Many people want to come to Africa and experience the place, not just see it.... At Honey Badger we can offer you that.  We work directly and indirectly to support out local community.  Through our partnership with our volunteer organisation (www.saidiavolunteer.org) you can really get involved.  Below are some testimonials from two of our recent volunteers.  We are not a large commercial volunteering organisation that focuses on getting in the numbers, our aim is to link those with interest, energy and skills to those in geniune need of assistance.  


"A friend and I just had the pleasure of staying at Honey Badger and working alongside Jenny and Joey for two weeks. To say that they were welcoming, kind and generous would be an understatement. Jenny planned an amazing 3-day safari for us with a the wonderful guide and cook that made the experience as incredible as it was. I also had the opportunity to work with Jenny and Joey as a volunteer and feel my time could not have been better spent. The volunteer activities they planned for us were rewarding and utilized our skills as nurses perfectly. To top it off the grounds of the lodge are breathtaking and the staff are amazingly accommodating! Even though we only spent a short time with them, I know that when I return to Tanzania some time in the future, Joey and Jenny will welcome me back and another amazing Tanzania adventure will begin again :) 

Thanks again for everything at Honey Badger! You both were truly an integral part of such an amazing experience for Amanda and I. You were wonderful hosts and we appreciate all that you did to make us feel comfortable and at home so far from our real homes!"
Mia 2011 
"I have always dreamed of coming to Africa. It is something I have had my mind set on for years and when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped on it. The 2 weeks I spent in Moshi at Honey Badger were the best 2 weeks of my life. I cannot put into words how appreciative I am for the impact these amazing people had on me. Honey Badger is a place I will always keep close to my heart, as I immediately felt like I had become apart of a family. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who loves to volunteer and who loves to be surrounded by smiling faces. I had the privilege of teaching a first aid class to many individuals who live in Moshi. Being able to see the happiness in their eyes and their eagerness to learn, share, and participate brought tears of joy to my eyes. I can only hope they continue to share what they have learned with others. Thank you Honey Badger and the incredible people of Moshi for stealing my heart and opening my eyes to what is really important in this world"
Amanda 2011
We would like to offer a heartfelt thanks to both Mia and Amanda, the work they did is still being talked about and since they have left the first aid course they have developed has already been taught to others and become part of the Honey Badger staff development structure (which we will post more information about very soon).  
If this post is of interest to you and you think you also want to get involved and combine a safari and/or mountain climb with getting involved in some of our community activities then do not hesitate to contact us...


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"Thanks Joey and Jenny, we had a super time"
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