Honey Badger Focuses on Investing in People

We are excited to announce that this year we will be implementing our first intensive staff development training programme.  At Honey Badger we have always focused on offering training and mentoring to our team.  We believe an investment in people is the path to development, not just for our lodge but for our community and beyond.  We commit considerable hours and effort into our on-the-job training programs, however we feel that we can use the low season as an opportune time to focus and prioritize the very people who make Honey Badger such a great success.  Our training program will become an annual event and for this year it will feature the following aspects:

  1. Team building (this may even include a trip up Kilimanjaro for interested parties, but will also include many different local activities to continue to foster the real family feeling that we have amongst our hard working team)
  2. Department specific skills building
  3. Staff trips to increase awareness of the market in which we work
  4. Life skills and livelihood skills training - this will include the revision of our individual staff development plans and we will work with our team to see how best we can help them in their lives
  5. Language training
  6. Swimming lessons
  7. and finally and most importantly.... a lot of fun!!!
We are looking forward to the program and are sure that its benefits will be felt much wider than among the individuals involved.
As the program develops and takes place we will keep you all updated on our progress.

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"I really admire what you're doing with the local community"
Rachael (July 2011)
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