Honey Badger is proud to support Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need

 KYGN is a Tanzanian based non-profit organisation dedicated to helping young children work towards better futures in Moshi and Mabogini.  Like KYGN, we believe that all children have the right to safe, stable and nurturing home environments with emotional support, education and medical care.  The main objective of KYGN is to expand the children’s life prospects and choices, which guiding them to live successfully in their community and beyond.



$10 purchases 2 essential primary level textbooks

$50 provides over 200 children with porridge for a week

$140 funds 2 nursery teacher’s salary for 1 month

Sponsor a child: $50 sponsor’s a child for a year

Volunteer:      Contact KYGN TODAY and VOLUNTEER TOMORROW! You can also ask at the Bar for more details.  Skilled or unskilled, long-term or short-term, they welcome the enthusiasm and participation of volunteers at KGYN.  Help them to build or support the nursery staff, they offer a range of opportunities to match your aspirations. 


Take a trip out to visit them:

Visit KYGN school and new build project in Mabogini.  We encourage a mandatory donation of at least  $25pp.  Transport to be arranged by Honey Badger Lodge and is an additional cost.

Many people ask us what they can bring out for our projects. The things you can bring will only be limited by your weight allowance. Traveling gives a great opportunity for people to help different parts of the world. Our projects can always use your help.

 So if you still have some space in your suitcase... why not think about adding the following...

• Small blackboards for the kids
• Blackboard chalk 
• Paper
• Crayons 
• Pencils 
• Pencil sharpers
• Colors 
• Skipping rob
• Medical supplies
• First aid supplies 
• Toys 
• Educational toys 
• Balls 
• Hula hoops 
• Ring games 
• Educational games
• Storybooks 
• Exercise books 
• Educational books
• Color books 
• Stickers 
• Socks 
• Kids underwear (Age 4-10)
• Clothes 
• Toothpaste 
• Toothbrushes

If you have anything you think would be useful to our projects, which you would like to donate, please contact us.

On behalf of KYGN we would like to thank you for helping us to support this extremely worthwhile initative


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