Building Fuel efficient stoves

Thanks to a very talented SAIDIA volunteer staying at Honey Badger Lodge the school we support now has two of its very own fuel efficient stove.  Uli (a civil engineer) has spent one month working with some local masons to teach them to build a stove that will reduce the amount of firewood the school uses as well as reducing the smoke in the kitchen.   Before the new stoves the school cooked on a large in efficient stove

as well as a traditional three stone variety just outside.  Firewood is a constant problem not to mention the amount of smoke the old stove produced in side the kitchen.  The new stoves promises to rectify this. The teams have built two stoves, one for the dormitory and one for the school compound.  Uli has tailor made the design to the needs of the school.  The stoves have three cooking 'hobs' which are made to the cooking pots used by the school.  The smoke and therefore the heat remains inside the stove maximising its efficiency and then gets pumped out through the chimney.  Here is the work in progress.

Uli, the masons, Mama Lucy and Joey have come up with a cost effective stove which can be replicated throughout the surrounding community.  We cannot thank Uli enough for her hard work and dedication.  We were honoured to have your here and very much welcome you back again soon!!

Here is a great picture of Stove number 2 at the school as well as the successful design and build team!

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