Supporting Ultimate Frisbee and Well Done to the Mwanza Tossers

 Five years ago, we, Joseph and Jenny were amongst the first 'Mwanza Tossers'.  When we lived in Mwanza we were avid players and practiced twice a week for more than 4 years.  Whilst we have limited time these days to play (what with a lodge, a volunteer organisation, two children and a few extra bits of work) we are still delighted to be able to continue our support to our team and more importantly to frisbee across Tanzania.  We not only do this by continuing to support out old team but also in contiuning to promote the sport locally.

The students at the school we support (The Second Chance Education Centre) are now avid players.  Every Sunday afternoon (come rain or shine) they head up to the local pitch to practice.  It would be fair to say the screaming flock of students are not quite as refined as the 'professionals' however their passion is infectious.  On a number of occasions we have welcomed various Honey Badger guests and SAIDIA volunteers up to play with them and they have been ensconsed into the atmosphere.  So when you come and stay with us, if you would like to have a go, let us know and we will make it happen!

So all that remains is to say a big contratulations to all of the Tossers.  We loved having you to stay and glad you enjoyed a refreshing splash in the pool.  We look forward to seeing you soon and hope to be back on the pitch by the next tournament.


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"On our last dinner Joseph and Jenny joined us for dinner even though they had to make so many things to get ready for the big group arriving that night. We had a wonderful time with them, and I really admire their business model and care for the community".
Maria (June 2011)
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