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 We are fully licensed to send people up Kilimanjaro and the number of people choosing to climb with us is going up and up!  In the last few weeks we have successfully helped more than a dozen people to summit the awesome mountain.  As time goes on we continue to work hard to ensure that we are not only environmentally and community conscious in our lodge, but also in our tours and activities.  The mountain is a competitive place, everyday companies are working to cut costs and be the cheapest option.  However we ask you to think about who feels the cost cutting!  We can guarantee you it’s not the company.  There are obligatory costs and standards involved in climbing the mountain, you have park fees, rescue fees, camping or hut fees.  On top of these you have salaries for the guides, porters and cooks.  All too often the salaries are slashed generally affected the porters!  We pay well above the average rate on the mountain.  We are happy to provide you with a full break down of where your money goes.  Other cost cutting techniques is to reduce your number of porters, many climbers are amazed at how many people in their ‘crew’, often wishing they could climb alone, however the numbers help, it means the porters are protected and carry reasonable loads.  When companies reduce the numbers of porters the weight burden is carried by a few. We all know how tough it is to carry 30kgs of weight anywhere, now imagine how hard it is to climb the mountain with that!  The porters also need to eat, some companies reduce costs by only feeding them once a day!!  This is not fair or ethical.  Whoever people choose to climb, they should check out all these factors….

The mountain is a magical place.  It is a truly awesome experience that cannot be replicated anywhere, only those that take on Kilimanjaro can really appreciate her beauty.  Come and climb with us and be guaranteed a once in a lifetime experience whilst knowing you are helping those you are climbing with.

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"On our last dinner Joseph and Jenny joined us for dinner even though they had to make so many things to get ready for the big group arriving that night. We had a wonderful time with them, and I really admire their business model and care for the community".
Maria (June 2011)
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